About Us

Wintone Wealth Management Limited is a licensed insurance broker company with the Insurance Authority (Licence No. FB1599) under section 64ZA of Insurance Ordinance to carry on regulated activities, and to perform the act of negotiating or arranging an insurance contract as an agent of any policy holder or potential policy holder. Our line of business includes General and Long-term (including Investment-linked Assurance Scheme) insurance.  We are also a registered Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Intermediary of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (Registration No. IC000891).


We are customer-oriented and strive to provide professional, precise and sincere services. Independent role is an advantage specific to our wealth management consultancy services to fit clients’ needs and goals.


People have all sorts of financial needs in different stages of life.  The aim of personal financial planning is to optimal the use of investment knowledge, financial tools and management skills to set up the appropriate plans and reach the expected financial goals step by step.


Performing the role as an Independent Financial Advisor, we provide services with professional attitude in the best interest of the clients 

Provide tailor-made personal financial planning services in the clients' best interest
Professional financial advisers with outstanding financial knowledge and management strategies to provide the most suitable and workable plans to our clients
Provide periodical reviews and corresponding advices as a long term financial planning partner to our clients
An effective channel between clients and financial product providers