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Motor Insurance is designed to cover loss or damage to your car and that of third parties. The loss can be a result of having to repair your car following an accident for example, or paying compensation to a third party for the property damage, bodily injury or death.

Third Party Liability motor
Comprehensive motor

Under the Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance, it is compulsory to take out insurance with an authorised insurer to cover your liabilities for injury or death of third parties arising out of the use of your motor vehicle.

In addition to third-party liability insurance cover, comprehensive motor insurance also covers loss or damage to the policyholder’s vehicle resulting from flood, fires, traffic accidents, theft, etc.


Home insurance covers the costs associated with loss or damage to your home.  It is usually a bundled insurance package and usually includes the following household contents insurance – covers cost of loss and damage to your household contents; and personal liability insurance – provides indemnity against your indemnity for accidental death or body injury of third party or accidental loss or damage to third party property.

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your household contents if they are lost or damaged due to fire, theft, broken water pipes, damage from typhoons, heavy rainfalls, etc. Household contents include all of your items and possessions such as furniture, appliances, clothes, electronic items and jewellery and may also include servants’ property.


Travel insurance covers you and your possessions when you are travelling. It can cover the financial cost of unpredictable incidents like accidents, flight delays and loss of possessions. It can cover things such as emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost/damaged luggage and third-party liability, depending, of course, on your coverage.

You can choose between single-trip policies and annual policies.


Overseas study insurance mainly covers medical expenses, personal accident, personal liability, and emergency medical evacuation, where students are transported back to Hong Kong for medical treatment. Some plans extend coverage to include travel protection (such as loss of luggage and travel delay).


Working Holiday Insurance Plan provides young people who plan to take working holidays with a wide coverage, including medical cover, emergency assistance, personal accidents, personal liability, travel delay, cancellation and curtailment of trip, compassionate visit, course tuition fee, etc., and takes care of their special needs abroad.


Contractors’ All Risks Insurance Plan offers a protection against risks associated with various types of contract works, minimizing your hassle by protecting you from the event of accidental damage to or loss of property, and also your liability to third party during the contract period.


Employers are responsible for acquiring appropriate employees’ compensation insurance for their domestic helpers. Domestic helper insurance is basically a package of cover for employers’ liability to domestic helpers and employees’ benefits.  The coverage includes medical expenses, personal accident benefits, and third-party liabilities. In addition, compensation will be provided to cover the cost of returning the domestic helper or their remains to their home country in the event of their death or contract termination due to injury or illness.


Business insurance protects businesses from unexpected events such as fire, theft or lawsuits and legal proceedings, providing the peace of mind for employers to focus on managing their business.

The coverage includes contents and equipment, business interruption, loss of money, personal accident, public liability, optional coverages including employees’ compensation insurance.


Directors & Officers policy provides personal protection for directors, officers and management against financial loss arising from the potential exposures associated with managing or supervising the company (whether private or listed), and legal representation expenses regarding regulatory investigations.